"Fire, food, friendship and fun"

WBQA Belgium

BBQ De Fielesoofen

About WBQA

WBQA Belgium or the Belgian Barbecue Association is the Belgian branch of the WBQA. It is founded in 2018 under the aegis of de Fielesoofen who want to push the Belgian branch to further expansion. Just like the WBQA, WBQA Belgium doesn't only focus on the slow cooking on low temperatures, but also focuses on grilling methods, BBQ-methods and the presentation of the dish.

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De Fielesoofen

Some likeminded people followed a BBQ course and under the slogan of 'Fire, food and fun', they soon started a non-profit organization based on following goals and targets: to learn a number of essential BBQ methods for dishes, whilst sharing their knowledge and expertise with the people in the streets. The most important remains that having fun and having contact with friends is key. And their formula stood out immediately.

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Become a member of the jury

Often competitions are organised, and there is no competition without a jury. Competitions need to be judged professionally and impartially for the champion to be picked. We are counting on a number of national and international members of the jury who are experienced in judging barbecue competitions at high level.