WBQA Belgium

About WBQA Belgium

WBQA Belgium or the Belgian Barbecue Association is the Belgian branch of the WBQA. It is founded in 2018 under the aegis of de Fielesoofen who want to push the Belgian branch to further expansion. Just like the WBQA, WBQA Belgium doesn't only focus on the slow cooking on low temperatures, but also focuses on grilling methods, BBQ-methods and the presentation of the dish.


  • The improvement of culinary barbecuing in the broadest sense of the word.
  • The improvement of barbecuing as a leisure activity that creates a lifestyle across all continents which brings peace and connects people.
  • The improvement of interactions and the protection of the mutual interests of its members.

What does WBQA Belgium offer?

  • They support and promote barbecuing in a safe, healthy and socially responsible environment.
  • They strive for the sport of barbecuing to reach a wider audience. They inform the public of barbecue events, (new) products and trends, as well as of general information and competition results.

What does membership of the WBQA Belgium imply?

Join WBQA Belgium today and support the Belgium branch of the WBQA.
By becoming a member you are supporting our goals and you will stay informed about the latest developments in Belgium. You become part of the international barbecue community where enjoying culinary grilling is key.

Within the membership is also included:

  • The digital WBQA newsletter.
  • Info and feedback about bbq events.
  • Yearly membership day.
  • BBQ workshops.
  • Subscription to grill and barbecue magazines.
  • Possible discounts at wbqa partners
  • The possibility to be actively involved in further development of WBQA.

Membership costs Euro 60 yearly and runs from January 1st until December 31st.

Your membership is automatically renewed every year and termination should be announced in writing to the WBQA at least two months before starting a new term.

As a member you can participate in all national and international WBQA competitions and events. Members can take part in the jury course at a favorable price. Members can sign up to be actively involved in the activities of WBQA Belgium.

Become a member of WBQA Belgium

Support the Belgian branch of the WBQA and stay informed about the bbq community in Belgium.

contact: wbqa.belgium@gmail.com