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The BBQ Fielesoofen are a well-known and celebrated BBQ-TEAM within the 'Woodland' region and far beyond. To trace back their history, we need to go back nearly fifteen years in time.

Some likeminded people followed a BBQ course and under the slogan of 'Fire, food and fun', they soon started a non-profit organization based on following goals and targets: to learn a number of essential BBQ methods for dishes, whilst sharing their knowledge and expertise with the people in the streets. The most important remains that having fun and having contact with friends is key. And their formula stood out immediately.

The BBQ Fielesoofen organized numerous competitions since 2006.
That year they also started organizing the Woodland Cup, in which around 15 teams participated. Motivated by the enthusiasm they experienced by organizing these sort of initiatives, they kept on pushing their boundaries.

In 2009 they organized the Belgian Championships BBQ in Torhout, capital of Houtland. The amount of participating teams rose to around 35 teams.

Organizing the European Championships BBQ in 2012 in Torhout was the icing on the cake. No less than 60 teams from France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Poland - even some Austrian and Swiss cowbells rang - came all the way to West-Flanders. The atmosphere in Torhout was amazing and the streets of Torhout were filled with the best tastes BBQ can offer..

Obviously they took part in various BBQ competitions themselves.
In 2009 they participated in the Jack Daniel's World Championships in Lynchburg, Tennessee.
A year later they were present at the Belgian Championships BBQ in Genk, Limburg.
The dishes looked great in both competitions and the Fielesoofen took home some very nice awards.  

The city of Torhout is very grateful to the team of entrepreneurs and appreciates them for attracting attention to the city with their (bbq) initiatives, so they award them the yearly Staff Pollet Price.

But the team is on fire. After a short period of reflection, they come up with a new initiative, a Guinness World Record with a brand new and ambitious challenge: they want to become the team to add the longest BBQ marathon for teams (without intermission) to their record of achievements. In 2017 they break the Guinness world record by grilling for a mass of people non-stop for 41h 3min and 3s with a team of four members. De Fielesoofen are honored for their performance during the 2018 New Year's drink.

Another milestone for the BBQ Fielesoofen is their 15th anniversary in 2019. To celebrate their 15th anniversary the Fielesoofen put their magic to work and transform the city park of Torhout into a 'Fielesoofen Park' during two days, complete with a barbecue festival. This event turns out to be a big folk festival.
The city of Torhout was excited and asked the Fielesoofen to turn their city into a BBQ city that organizes its own yearly grill event. The idea is raised to install fixed, public barbecues in the city to reinforce this event.

In the mean time the Fielesoofen keep busy and breath new life into the Belgian branch of the World Barbecue Association by founding the Belgian Barbecue Association. WBQA Belgium has been active again since 2019 and promotes the art of culinary barbecuing on world level.

In an attempt to further expand their track record, the Fielesoofen apply to organize the WBQA World Championships Barbecue in Torhout in 2020. It took a lot of time, energy and perseverance, but their wish comes true. Counting on the full support of the city of Torhout, the International WBQA and many supporters, the Fielesoofen will organize the biggest international barbecue competition in the center of Torhout. The weekend of September 2, 3 and 4, 2022 is circled on the agenda for a big and international barbecue party and competition .

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